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We are an independent, Switzerland-based, consulting firm of 15 geologists and geotechnical engineers offering services in the following fields :

  • NATURAL HAZARDS : surveys and mapping for rockfall, landslides, subsidence/collapse hazards. Risks assessments. Containment projects and management of works, including acrobatic works.

  • GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING : geotechnical studies and models. Geotechnical analysis and design. Management of works for retaining walls, soil nail walls, anchors, micropiles, ground improvement, seepage, etc… Any form of assistance to civil engineers.

  • ENGINEERING GEOLOGY : site reconnaissance for large civil engineering projects such as highways, tunnels, bridges, quarries. Geological mapping. Geological-geotechnical investigations (borings, geophysics) implementation and management. Geological logging during excavations (tunnels, foundations).

  • HYDROGEOLOGY (GROUNDWATER) : general surveys and exploration. Management of drilling works, pumping tests, acidifications, etc… Special expertise for karstic (limestone) shallow and deep aquifers. Surveys and mapping for protection zones for both karstic and porous aquifers.

  • POLLUTED / CONTAMINATED SITES : historical investigations. Site investigation. Mitigation of risks+costs during construction on polluted sites. Remediation projects and management of sanitation. Reports for local Environmental Protection Agencies.

  • GEOTHERMAL ENERGY : deep aquifers projects, shallow geothermal projects with heat pumps, etc…

  • ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY : special consulting services (for ex. assistance to the canton of Jura for the BONFOLLANDFILL REMEDIATION project). Environmental impact studies and impact mitigation during construction works (tunnels, bridges, large excavations, etc…). New landfills projects. Runoff water infiltration projects. Stone and gravel resource exploration and characterization, etc…


We would be happy to answer any question : please contact François FLURY (francois.flury(at) or Jean-Marc BOEM (jmarc.boem(at)


Mail address :
9, rue de Chaux, CP 745
CH-2800 Delémont 1
Phone : +41 32 422 61 14
Fax : +41 32 422 18 80